The Workload Analysis to Ensure Effectiveness and Efficient Use of Resources


Sigma did
perform a review and analysis of the alignment with the current strategic plan at the unit
and staff level. We have focused on the relationship between:
w University objectives
w Unit objectives
w Staff objectives within the performance management system
w Staff job description
w Staff task analysis

Alignment Study for Job Descriptions, Task Analysis and Key Performance Indicators

Sigma has developed a Task Tool to determine a basis for workload balance
analysis, the level of technology used by each position to perform assigned tasks, and to
examine the alignment of strategy implementation with unit objectives, job descriptions,
individual objectives and KPIs. We utilized this tool to help assess the alignment of KPIs
(Key Performance Indicators) to job descriptions. Employees in the Administration Support
Units captured their daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities. We asked each department
to send a copy of the job description, task analysis and KPIs for each staff member,
There was a significant shortfall in the number of documents we received. This is likely
Analysis process (first-time event). there is no link between job descriptions, task results and individual KPIs.
we have found that there is currently no link between individual KPIs and Unit
and University KPIs.


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