The Alignment Between Unit Operation Plans


Sigma was provided with the draft of the 2016 Operating Plan as well as the 2017-2021
Strategic Plan in the form of excel spreadsheets in September 2016. In early December, we
received a revisited version of the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan from the Corporate Development
Department (now Strategy and Future). By the end of 2016, the Strategic Plan 2017-
2021 documents were approved, but Sigma was informed that there were no SMART individual
objectives set. It has, therefore, been impossible for Sigma to review the alignment
of the different department operation plans with the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. This review
cannot take place until plans and associated individual SMART objectives are defined.
Should there be a high probability that the current 2016 operational plan will be approved
as is, the Sigma recommendation is to start the process of setting individual SMART objectives
within each Unit as soon as possible to provide performance objective alignment
with Unit and University strategic objectives to employees at the beginning of the 2017
performance review period.
Currently, there is no cascading alignment between EU strategic objectives, unit objectives,
individual objectives, and job descriptions. In order to achieve such an alignment
and proper cascading, EU could deploy a Balanced Score Card (BSC) software application
specifically customized for educational institutions.
As an interim solution, EU could also consider using an existing application, such as the
Oracle performance management module, or a Strategic Planning Tracking System (SPTS)
developed in-house. These applications should be customized to store specific individual
objectives and create compulsory cascading of each individual objective to a unit objective
and strategic objective. Accordingly, performance management processes should be
updated to reflect the technology recommendations.
Finally, such technology support in the performance management program would allow
the generation of dashboards at all levels to measure performance (target, minimum, maximum)
relative to objectives set within the EU Strategic Plan.
For the details of the Strategic Plan review please refer to the Section III of this report.



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