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Networks & Security
Networks & Security

This has been recognized by the current manager, who suggested that its role could be strengthened by requiring decisions to be
taken at the top level, especially for new systems deployment and their impact on the IT
security. Reference was made to the role of a chief information security officer, supported
by a dedicated team of staff, and often found in other organizations and recognizing the
importance that Networks & Security data security plays today. IT staff felt that users did not understand
IT, and a Center of Innovation & Learning could be created to act as the interface
between IT and academics. Compliance with government guidelines also needs further
investigation and, potentially, budget allocation.

  1. Strategy & Planning
    w Develop an IT roadmap for the next 5 years
    w Develop template for annual plan
  2. Budget
    w Develop IT budget including internal costing for IT resources utilization
  3. Management, Resources & Organization
    w Hire experienced IT Director with IT optimization and potentially outsourcing experience
    w Merge Academic Applications Department with Enterprise Technology Department
    w Fill in permanent IT Manager roles
    w Create User Interface Center within IT reporting to the IT Director, drawing on
    Business Analysis situated within individual University units to translate clear user
    requirements into the IT software development cycle
    w Create an IT Project Management Office, reporting to the IT Director, to coordinate
    all IT projects, to support the preparation and execution of the annual budget and
    annual plan
    w Develop IT resources retention programProcess & Governance
  4. w Develop annual IT strategy & operational planning process
  5. w Define unified software development process including gates and decision-making
  6. authorities (e.g. IT steering committee)
  7. w Implement IT cross-functional governance with IT Steering Committee at the EU
  8. Networks & Security
  9. w Implement tracking system for all IT projects
  10. w Define new policy for the acquisition, development & introduction of new technologies
  11. and applications
  12. Systems & Applications
  13. w Define core systems and applications that will be developed and maintained
  14. w Define systems and applications that will be discontinued
  15. Costs optimization & quality management
  16. w Evaluate pros and cons of the outsourcing of:
  17. w Infrastructure, networks & hosting
  18. w Applications management & development (academic, enterprise & in-house)
  19. w Helpdesk
  20. w In this case what could stay in-house is (minimalistic scenario):
  21. i. IT director
  22. ii. IT strategy & planning unit (roadmap, annual plan, budget, priorities, user requirements,
  23. outsourcing vendor management – SLAs, link to EU strategic and
  24. operational KPIs etc.)
  25. iii. IT security & compliance senior officer
  26. Helpdesk
  27. w Suggested a dedicated resource (FTE) to develop and promote the online support
  28. (expectation of 30 to 35% of calls reduction)
  29. w Implement new platform for Helpdesk services – launch planned for December 2016.

Impact of changes

  1. Strong IT leadership with hired professional IT Director
  2. Minimizing silos through merging academic applications and enterprise technology
    units, eliminating 1 managerial position
  3. Coordinated and efficient planning of IT resources through implementing streamlined
    IT software development process
  4. Better understanding of user requirements through centralized user interface unit
  5. Coordination of IT developments and minimizing risks of conflicting projects through
    project management office at the IT Director level
  6. Timely deliveries of IT projects with budget control through IT steering committee
  7. Optimized helpdesk resources and tickets allocation through online helpdesk system
    (-4 resources)
  8. Motivated IT internal resources through targeted retention program


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