Project Risk Factors, the Mitigation Plan and Approach

    Project Risk
    Project Risk

    Before the project began, Sigma identified a number of Potential risks and developed
    related mitigation plans. As the project progressed, we realized that a number of risks
    actually materialized. Specifically, we have faced delays in gathering the data from ZU
    departments. Furthermore, Sigma consultants experienced issues with security clearence,
    with some lead consultants being denied project participation. Significantly, no employee
    SMART objectives have been established for the 2017 perfromance cycle to date.

    Project Risk

    The table below highlights the defined risks as well as the mitigation plans to address them.
    Risk Factor Mitigation Plan and Approach
    Requested data from ZU as specified in page 13
    under key project activities I-f are not ready and
    not submitted to Sigma team in timely fashion as
    agreed in the project time action plan –or-
    No documented “as-is” processes
    • All deliverables of tasks that depends o n the missing
    info will be delayed as well and PMO will document
    this incident and send it to ZU Management
    • Allocated extra resources for capturing and documenting
    the current processes
    • Consistently monitor the progress and modify the
    project plan according to actual status
    Academic and Admin supported units goals and
    objective are not compliant with best practice as
    SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant,
    Timely) objectives
    Perform an analysis to set SMART objectives to all
    selected processes, after we have approval from ZU
    Team about the time and financial impact on this risk
    Department level has no defined goals or objectives
    Deploy additional business process resources to assist
    in the development of goals and objectives based
    on the strategic vision.
    Lack of process owners availability Ensure that management sets a priority for the project
    and ensure that this priority is communicated to
    stakeholders and participants.
    Sigma loses one of the key consultants on the
    • Ensure experienced, well trained, balanced
    team is assigned to the project
    • Ensure proper knowledge sharing among the
    Low or unavailability of ZU Staff for project activities
    with the normal workload
    • Ensure proper project team resources is allocated
    to the project
    • Set the time and effort expectations early in the
    project to ensure availability
    Travel logistics, security clearance and visa arrangements
    Ensure all the project related staff complete the needed
    paper work early enough in the project, and report
    to ZU Management team any related problems.


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