Phase II Requirements, Charter and Challenges

    A – Business Case:
    w Review strategy implementation for each support unit to be aligned with ZU
    strategic objectives (2017-2021).
    Review current organization structure within each support unit for BPI [Business
    Process Improvement and HC [Human Capital] optimization
    – Review and conduct gap analysis with regard to the Policies, Procedures (P&P)
    and guidelines, and recommend changes to all ZU Policy and Procedures [PP] to
    include current Authority Matrix.
    -Determine the corrective actions and assess the financial impact.
    – Review current JDs for level 2 and downwards for appropriate grading and competencies.
    – Conduct workload analysis for all ZU academic and administrative support units.
    – Ensure the effectiveness and efficient use of resources in the support units (rightsizing).

    B – Opportunity Statement:

    ZU should aim to link strategy to execution by cascading ZU strategic objectives
    to each unit’s SMART objectives and continually measure performance to ensure
    Institutional effectiveness.
    – Adopting the next wave of BPI by blending a Lean tool with Agile methodology
    in the implementation phase, to help improve the business processes for the support
    units and improve the quality of University services.
    – The optimization in the BP, HC and PP will reduce the operation costs and increase
    the effectiveness.

    C – Goals Statement:

    • 1. Direct impact on the strategic objectives of ZU
      2. Potential to improve ZU local and international rankings
      3. Potential to raise profile of BPI across University
      4. Improved student and staff experiences
    • 5. Creating capacity for growth and efficiency savings
      6. Direct cost savings
      7. Increased ZU income
      8. Increased business continuity and community engagements
      9. Reduce likeliness of risk to ZU.

    D – Project Scope

    This ranged over the following four activity areas:
    Strategy Execution & Performance Management System:
    – Manage initiatives – Communication & Alignment
    – Cascade, Monitor & Coach – Evaluate performance indicators (PIs & KPIs)
    Human Resources Management System:
    – Human Capital Strategy – HC Development Plan
    – HR Performance & Appraisal – JD’s and Matrix Definition
    Major Tasks for each Support Unit Business Process:
    – Team Based Organization – Business Process Review
    – Business Process Improvement – Apply IPOO & P&P
    Policy, Process and Procedures (PPP)
    – Review and Update the Unit P&P – Review PPP with Stakeholders
    – Get Approval for the Unit P&P – Communicate, Train and Evaluate PPP

    E – Lead Experts Roles and Responsibilities:

    1. Prof. Dr. Samy M. Sidky: Project Manager and lead Consultant for Strategy Execution
    & Performance Management System
    2. Prof. Dr. John Cascone: Lead Consultant for Human Resources Management System
    3. Mr. Harold Hutchinson: Lead Consultant for Business Process Improvements
    4. Dr. Norbert Prihoda: Lead Consultant for Policy, Process and Procedures

    5- Dr. Ahmed Sidky with the Business Process Team working from USA
    6- Mohab Alhakim with the Business Process Team working from USA
    7- Brenda Yockey with Human Resources Management System Team
    8- Philippe Van Coillie with Human Resources Management System Team
    9- Mawada Al-Wazir with Policy, Processes and Procedures Team
    10- Alaa Alwazir with Policy, Processes and Procedures Team
    11- Dr. Nagwa El Cherif with the Strategy Execution & Performance Management Team



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