Optimum manpower for execution of strategy and workload balance


As a result of implementation of proposed improvement initiatives and based on our
gap analysis, we have estimated the workload balance for the current and projected staffing
levels within the Administrative Support Units. (We have based our analysis on the EU
October 2016 Organization Chart.)
The following table outlines results of our workload balance and rightsizing analysis by
Unit and Grades for all 16 Units:

As a result of the workload balancing and rightsizing, there are 101 out of 346 vacant
and occupied positions proposed to be eliminated. However, there are only 46 real eliminations
of existing staff, because:
w 16 staff could be retrained and transferred to existing vacant positions
w 28 positions to be eliminated are currently vacant, so there is no impact on staff
w 11 positions would be outsourced including transfer to supplier
Out of the remaining 46 positions, we estimate approximately 17 to be Emirati (based on
the current Emiratization ratio of 37%) and the remaining 29 employees could be released
in line with their contract renewal timeframes.

As a next step, Sigma analyzed each of the 346 positions in relation to our findings and
“To-Be” recommendations and the occupied and approved vacant positions in the organization
chart. The results of that analysis gave a proposed status for each position for the 16
units under Sigma’s scope of work. This has been categorized as follows:

  1. No change: There is no change and the position remains “As-Is”
  2. Eliminated: The position is eliminated without replacement due to the implementation
    of improvement initiatives and best practices.
  3. Change in role only: The position remains in the same unit but there is a change in
    role and/or accountabilities.
  4. Change in title only: There is no change in role but the position title requires changing
    to reflect responsibilities, performed duties, and to align with best practices.
  5. Change in grade only: There is no change in role but the position grade should be
    reviewed (faculty grade vs. staff grade, job grade alignment with EU grading structure).
  6. Transferred to another unit: The position is transferred to another unit within EU.
  7. New Position: Proposal to add new position that did not exist before.
  8. Merged with another role: The position is merged with another position, so that
    there is one new position instead of two.

*highlights Sigma recommendation for Grades changes:

  1. Library and Learning Commons – Faculty grades for non-teaching staff should be
    changed to respective staff grades.
  2. Student Affairs – Grade 2 positions reporting to Student Affairs Director should be
    re-graded to align with EU grading structure (Grade 3).
    For the details of the workload balance and rightsizing please refer to the Section VI of
    this report.


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