Office Recommendations

Office Recommendations
Office Recommendations
  1. Incorporate counseling Office center guidance and collaboration with Committee on Accessibility.
  2. Move the Financial Aid function from the Registrar’s Office to Student Affairs.
  3. Reduce excess staffing levels to be consistent with benchmarks. Focus on fewer, more
    effective events consistent with guidance from Advisory Council.
  4. Merge Student Success with Student Affairs. The merging of Student Success with
    Student Affairs allows for a more focused and efficient deployment of Office resources designed
    plan for improving their academic performance and avoid the risk of academic failure.
  5. Eliminate mirror management structure in Student Life and Career Services. The
    mirror management structure supporting Student Affairs operations on the Dubai and
    Abu Dhabi campuses is an inefficient and duplicate application of management oversight
    and direction. It leads to inefficiency of management resources, runs the risk of
    inconsistent application of management practices, program planning and direction.
  6. Policies and procedures need to be developed which will establish and maintain the
    Counseling Center’s scope on education, not treatment. Student Counseling Center
    services must be focused on crisis intervention, psycho-metric and educational screening,
    and referral services. Subcontracting standards for outsourcing student psychological
    services to a certified community treatment facility should be established. Students
    experiencing serious psychological or psychiatric problems should be referred
    to a third-party resource outside the University. Students demonstrating delusional
    behavior, substance abuse, rape or other violence, bi-polar, suicidal or overtly aggressive
    behavior should be referred to a community clinical treatment resource and followed
    by the Counseling Center for the student’s readiness to return to the University.

Impact of Office changes

  1. All advising and counseling activities into an existing committee structure to increaseThe move of Financial Aid to Student Affairs provides a central point for students
  2. related to counseling, wellness, student success and financial aid. This move should
    result in the elimination of 2 positions of Financial Aid considering the current funding
  3. The reduction of staffing levels supporting Student Affairs functions of student counseling,
    career counseling and student life will align staffing levels with benchmark
    provide for a more integrated and consistent management of Student Affairs services
    and programs.
  4. The inclusion of Student Success as part of Student Affairs will allow for a more efficient
    and effective application of the range of services available to students to promote
    their academic and post academic careers.
  5. Eliminating mirror management structure in Student Life and Career Services creates
    a single point of program direction and planning responsibility. This can ensure
    the uniform application of management practices, planning and communication and
    directives across both campuses.
    Maintaining a focus on crisis intervention and referral services in the Student Counseling
    Center will provide critical education and guidance to students, help students get
    needed treatment, and reduce legal risk to the university.


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