Methodology and the opportunities for improvement


Start the gap analysis by reviewing the alignment between Unit operation plans and
EU 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. Assess the manpower required for the execution of a
university strategy under a workload balance methodology necessary to ensure effectiveness
and efficient use of resources.
w Assess the rightsizing analysis impact on each of EU Academic, Administrative, and
Institutional Support Units using the proposed related initiative for each Unit and the
business process improvements for its activities.
w Review the current process for the development of EU policies and procedures, modification
and approval matrix. Assess the alignment of existing policies and procedures
to the recommended improvement initiatives. Finally, assess the alignment of policies
and procedures with external regulations.
w Categorize and evaluate EU jobs by reviewing the actual human resource requirements
to achieve the opportunities to increase job productivity and by understanding the impact
of improvement initiatives, especially on Grade 2 & 3 roles


Sigma conducted extensive benchmarking analysis as an integral part of the project, analyzing
data from more than 95 universities. We have carried out benchmarking studies
and evaluated best practices specific to each EU department, taking into consideration the
current development cycle and its environment. Target headcount is set using these benchmark


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