Key Processes, Challenges and Opportunities

opportunity cost
opportunity cost

The Senior Faculty Affairs Specialist reports to the Acting Director, Faculty Affairs.
There is a high correlation between the duties of this role and those performed in the HR
Organization Development/ Training Department. The current structure provides no Opportunities
for cross-training, backup/support during peak periods, role expansion or coverage
during absences or vacation periods.


  1. The Procurement and Finance Officer role is vacant and is eliminated. The operational
    tasks are to be aligned with current functions to streamline operations and avoid
  2. The Senior Faculty Affairs Specialist role will be combined into the HR OD/T organization
    and will retain responsibility for supporting the EU Faculty. Cross-training
    will provide peak-period support and more stable service for the EU Faculty. Making
    this role part of the broader HR organization will allow coverage during absences and
    vacations and provide opportunities for role expansion. The overall impact should be
    improved service and more effective utilization of resources.

Organizational Change:

Alignment of operational tasks with current functions to streamline operations
and avoid duplications: This initiative aligns the work being done by the Senior
Faculty Affairs Specialist with similar duties in the OD&T organization in HR allowing
for cross training, backup and coverage during absences as well as more effective
utilization of resource


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