Key Processes, Challenges and Opportunities: Library & Learning Commons


Public Services Department
w Service desk interaction
w Information literacy session request & fulfillment for bridge, undergraduate and
graduate studies
1 Research assistance & consultations
2 Collection development & faculty interaction through liaison librarian
3 Interlibrary loan request & fulfillment (regional and international)
Technical Services Department
4 Acquisition – receive, check-in, claim and pay for library materials
5 Cataloguing
6 Material processing
7 Maintenance (physical & system/online)
8 Support collection budget management
9 Collaborate with Computer Services Department regarding server administration
and maintenance
10 Purchase and track the licensing of library software

Target Organization as Per Sigma Recommendation is 24 Headcount Split as
11 Director (1) plus admin assistant (1)
12 Public services manager (1)
13 Librarians/Coordinators with Academic grade (4)
14 Other staff (13)
15 Technical services manager (1)
16 Other staff (3)

Key Challenges
Liaison librarian activities are currently defined as: collection, development & consultation
with faculty resources on syllabus and curriculum, teaching & related preparation;
research support; in the classroom support; literacy sessions; workshops; and reference
Other work includes research and writing books
(as per the Library Director). The main conduit into the Faculties is the Associate Dean for
Research, along with others preparing curriculum and syllabus.
the colleges and associate deans to Sigma was that there is little interaction with Librarians.
targets, with a students’ satisfaction goal at only 70%.
from colleges about their satisfaction or requirements

Technical services activities are currently defined as new book acquisitions and cataloguing
(12.000 titles per year grouped in approx. 40-70 orders with an average of 170-300
books per order). It takes approximately 1 week to get a new book on the shelf from local
sources, and up to 6 months from abroad. The Department Head recognizes that there is
lack of flexibility in existing purchasing policies to acquire library resources, including difficulties
in including library vendors on the approved vendor list.
Other challenges include the need for an upgrade of the Library Information System and
a requirement for improved and timely IT support for Library software as there are no
Service Level Agreements in this area. Arabic librarian resources.
search engine for STEM programs.

  1. Merge two public services departments into one with 2 service desks, one in USA
    and one in Abu-Dhabi. (AD)
  2. Rationalize the number of librarians and coordinators based on benchmarks, with liaison
    librarians to be based where the colleges (and Associate Deans for Research) are
  3. Rationalize the number of support staff based on benchmarks.
  4. Replace one of remaining Librarians with an Arabic-speaking Librarian to tackle the
    workload in Arabic language, including cataloguing.
  5. Train the remaining Librarians for the STEM program (as required by the University),
    or, if necessary find suitable replacement(s) with relevant skills.
  6. Define joint College-Library working protocols between Deans/Faculty and Librarians
    to provide relevant and quality services.
  7. colleges.
  8. acquisition in timely and efficient manner.
  9. Consider physical divisions in part of USA Library area to cater for student collaboration
  10. spaces.
  11. Build and understand requirements for t
  12. Impact of changes
  13. One public services manager with clear chain of command (elimination of 1 manager
  14. post)
  15. More efficient and focused Librarians and Coordinators.
  16. Remaining Librarians and Coordinators with necessary skills – Arabic language and
  17. STEM trained if necessary.
  18. Clarity of expectations between Colleges and Library through jointly developed
  19. working protocols.
  20. SLA with Procurement to enable more streamlined purchasing of library resources.
  21. SLA with IT to provide timely technical support for Library SW.
  22. Space available for students’ collaboration within USA Library area.


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