Compliance with Government Regulations


Regulations, Our analysis shows the following state of EU compliance with relevant Government
Human Resources to comply with the requirements of the Federal Authority for Human
Resources (FAHR):
Out of 37 FAHR requirements, EU is compliant only with 10 of them, and not compliant
with 27, giving a rate of compliance of 27%. Significant work should be done to align
EU HR policies to achieve FAHR compliance. The newly appointed EU HR Director has
presented Sigma with a plan to develop updated EU HR policies aimed at achieving compliance
with FAHR.
Financial Services to Comply with the Requirements of the Ministry of Finance (MOF):
Out of 17 MOF requirements, EU complies with 14 of them in full, 1 partially and does
not comply with 2 MOF requirements. Furthermore, there are 4 circulars that are for information
and do not require compliance. The current compliance rate of Financial Services
is 82%.
Information Technology to comply with the requirements of Telecom Regulatory Authority
Out of 90 TRA requirements for the area of Information Technology, EU complies fully
with 21, partially with 13 and does not comply with 56 requirements. This means that EU
is only compliant with TRA requirements at the level of 23%.
For the details of the policies and procedures please refer to the Section V of this report.


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