Campus Physical Development & Campus Services


Key Processes, Challenges and Opportunities
Key processes carried out by the Campus Physical Development department include
the following:

  1. Facilities management and support: on-site support, responding to requests, coordinating
    outsourced maintenance companies (SERCO in Abu Dhabi – no outsourced)
  2. Health and security support: cases of incidence, induction about health and safety,
    fire prevention, coordination of the associated training and fire drill. Security: Outsourced.
    Staff and student clearance checks for EU access, card.
  3. Design coordination and management for both campuses
    Key processes carried out by the Campus Services Department include the following:
  4. Convention Centers Dubai and Abu Dhabi (internal & external bookings)
  5. Travel Services (flight tickets, hotel bookings, bus service, and ground transport).
    Note: Students transportation is not managed by the Campus Services Team.
  6. Business Center
    a. mail, courier services, photocopying, printing, binding
    b. providing sim cards and oversees caterer and vendors
    c. switchboard
    The Campus Physical Development team is confronted with a heavy workload, with
    responsibilities of some employees overlapping.
    With regards to the Human Resources aspects, the Campus Physical Development management
    is indicating that the Human Resources recruiters are not adding value to the recruiting
    of Campus Physical Development staff for the following reasons:
    There is no filtering or screening of online candidates, if the responsible recruiter is well
    present for the interviews, there is no added value, no real human resources interviewing
    expertise supporting fast and qualitative recruitment results.

In some cases, a recruitment process can take up to 4 to 5 months to get an applicant
approved, which is totally unacceptable to the Campus Physical Development Director.
Another Human Resources service i.e. the salary assessment can take 2-3 weeks where
it is perceived that one day should be achievable and desirable
It was also mentioned that there is no follow up with candidate after an offer has been
sent, and that the Human resources department is acting on an exclusively reactive style.
The length of the employment contracts is varying without clear set criteria for 1, 2 or
3 years, this created internal iniquities amongst staff, increases frustration and impact employee
The Campus Physical Development Management has identified a challenge in maintaining
staff motivation. The current policy of no overtime payments is denting employee
morale, largely because of a very large number of ‘unavoidable’ overtime hours performed
for critical business requirements. A lack of communication about key issues – including
those that might impact salary and benefits – is adding to this low morale.
Other challenges include a lengthy procurement process, which is having a negative
impact on the overall level of service delivered by the Campus Physical Development. The
lack of access to legal advisor(s) is also considered to be an important business issue.
The forms currently being used by the Department for its operations are not aligned,
with a lot of manual processing involved. This is time consuming and reduce the time
available to improve services.
The Dubai campus is lacking a helpdesk and the Information Technology Department
cannot adequately support the Campus Physical Development department as it requires
different expertise. The IT helpdesk time coverage does not match the requirements of the
Campus Physical Development teams, who work 24/7. In case of emergencies, security
and/or facility support staff are contacted, which indicates the need to revisit these processes.
Personnel within the Campus Physical Development find it difficult to identify the right
IT person to address the IT issues faced the Department. This often leads to requests to
several different people in the search for a resolution.
It was also reported that the new campus expansion will need further support and resources.

For the Campus Services Department, a manual process is used to issue tickets and
make hotel bookings, with no system to support booking or track history. Similarly, there
is no centralized transportation booking system, where one operations fleet system is in use
on the Abu Dhabi campus. There is a tracking system installed on all vehicles but there is
no knowledge amongst the Dubai team on how to retrieve or analyze the activity data.
All the department archiving is done manually, despite documents needing to be filed
and destroyed on a regular basis.
The switchboard is overstaffed, with 2 staff in Dubai and 2 in Abu Dhabi, dealing with
around 500 calls per say. This does not justify the allocated human resources. The switchboard
has also generated a lot of complaints about the service quality and the responsiveness
from operators.


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