Approach and Methodology


Sigma approach adopted in Phase II

  1. Interview key personnel, review alignment of SMART objectives and operating KPIs
    for staff within their units in achieving ZU strategic objectives and KPIs (120+ interviews
    & more than 1000 documents reviewed).
  2. Document current processes, challenges, roadblocks and opportunities (79 processes).
  3. Collect process steps, activity levels, process times and effectiveness measures of current
    technology (116 existing systems and applications).
  4. Collect and validate benchmark data (from more than 95 universities and studies).
  5. Perform task analyses, workload balancing and job descriptions (247 task analyses
    and 314 job descriptions).
  6. Review the impact of proposed initiatives on ZU policies and procedures (179 P&P).
  7. Document improvement opportunities and recommendations (105 improvement initiatives).


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