Analysis of Unit Policies and Procedures and Their Current Authority Matrix


    Proposed improvements to current policies and procedures
    w Creating a unified template for all policies, capturing the relevant necessary data points
    including date of next review.
    w Involving the directors of administrative units in the review process.
    w Simplifying the EU policies to only include approved policies and procedures; proposed
    changed or new policies and procedures should have separate location.
    w New proposed policies require a more agile and dynamic process of review and comment
    w New grouping of policies and procedures and a related new list of policyholders.
    w Creating an Authority Matrix for each policyholder. A sample of the new Authority
    Matrix is also featured in section 6 in this report.
    Impact of initiatives on current policies and procedures
    Guided by the proposed improvements to current policies and procedures outlined by
    the Faculty-in-charge, Sigma also conducted a review of all approved and proposed EU
    policies and procedures (P&Ps) and analyzed the impact of proposed improvement initiatives
    on the need to update or eliminate current P&Ps. The following chart highlights
    where the initiatives will have an impact on policies and procedures

    As a next step, and after EU approves the final implementation plan, we propose to
    revisit these amendments together with the respective policyholders. This will enable the
    policyholders themselves to make the necessary changes to the policies or procedures, and
    ensure that they are in alignment with the final approved implementation plan. This activity
    will form an integral part of the Implementation Phase.


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